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Are Peanuts Bad for Dogs?

Nuts are not the best food for dogs. They are high in phosphorus and may contribute to the formation of bladder stones. Macadamia nuts contain some compounds, which can cause muscle tremors, weakness and paralysis of the hindquarters. Photo Credit:… Continue Reading →

Are Lipotropic Fat Burners Safe?

Lipotropic fat burners are safe for people who want to lose weight and fat. Lipotropic fat burners contain Inositol which breaks down fat in the diet and uses it for energy purposes instead of having it stored. Photo Credit: 1… Continue Reading →

Celebrities Who Wear Dentures?

Several celebrities and well-known historical figures have been known to wear dentures over the years. They include Brady Bunch actress Florence Henderson, who has been a spokesperson for Polident denture cleaner, as well as George Washington, Janice Dickinson, Winston Churchill,… Continue Reading →

Are Pregnancy Tests Always Right?

Pregnancy tests are always right. However, there accuracy depends on how you use them and when you use them. All pregnancy tests work by detecting a positive hormone in the urine or blood that is only there when a woman… Continue Reading →

Are GNC Vitamins Good?

Whether GNC vitamins are good or not is a matter of opinion. GNC is a reputable vitamin store chain found in many malls across the United States. They sell their own brand of vitamins, as well as other brands. Supplements… Continue Reading →

CEA Tumor Marker?

A CEA tumor marker is also known as Carcinoembryonic antigen is protein found in cells but also in molecules in the tissue or blood which are associated with cancer. It is tested with samples of blood. It tends to be… Continue Reading →

Are Female Cats More Affectionate?

In a survey of over 130 cat owners, the conclusion that was made is that there are no distinct personality differences between male and female cats. A cats personality is determined mostly by breed, socialization, history and a number of… Continue Reading →

Cdef Bacterial Infection?

Clostridium difficile infection can be known as either C-Def or C-Diff, but is most commonly called C-Diff. This bacterial infection can actually at times be caused by antibiotics, something meant to kill bacteria. C-Diff mainly affects the digestive system and… Continue Reading →

Are Our Chances Good to Get Pregnant If We Did It on the Dip?

When charting your basal body temperature you will sometimes see a dip on the day you ovulate. Your chances are pretty good of getting pregnant having intercourse during the time of ovulation. Photo Credit: 1 Resource: Why is it that… Continue Reading →

What do they use to fill in a toddlers cavity?

What they use to fill in a toddler’s tooth cavity will vary with each dentist. The most common material is a composite filling that is tooth-colored. Photo Credit: Source Resource: What do they use to fill in a toddlers cavity?… Continue Reading →

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